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In the future of Los Angeles, a seemingly normal teenage girl named Jamie is heir to an ancient and unimaginable power. Hunted throughout Los Angeles by the sinister and bloodthirsty Ma'Shiva, Jamie fights to stay alive with help of three bold adventurers: Diamond, a hot-blooded gunslinger; Lucius, a dragon prince; and Tommy, a young cyber-Shaolin monk.

The week of her sixteenth birthday, a cadre of Ma'Shiva as well as the villainous Soul Crusher prepared to kill Jamie. Traveling from another dimension, the warriors Diamond and Lucius joined forces with the Shaolin monks Chow and Tommy Lone and battled to save the young deity!
The Darkness and the Light, evil sorcerers from the Junction, ventured to earth and resurrected the Soul Crusher. Together the three warriors captured Diamond and Tommy and turned the young Shaolin monk into an evil entity know as Warlord. After learning secrets about her past, Jamie risked her life to defeat "Warlord" and save Tommy's life!
In the aftermath of the Darkness and the Light saga, Jamie and her companions try to pick up the pieces and start over. Meanwhile, the Ma'Shiva emperor Oris Ogden faces the threat of revolution as conspirators within his own regime plot his assassination!

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