Catseye Info

At the dawn of time, a great machine wove a magnificent tapestry consisting of a thousand worlds, orbiting countless stars throughout a billion galaxies.
This was the birth of the Universe
The object empowering the great machine of creation was the CATSEYE.
For ages, good and evil have battled for control of this power source and its primordial energies. Now these forces are converging for a final battle to obtain the priceless object... a wield a power reserved for a GOD.
Born in Australia, Digby moved to Los Angeles when he was a child. A typical teenager in the year 2027 A.D., Digby attends Clinton High and hangs out with his would be girl friend Rita.
From the moment of her birth, "II" was destined to be the caretaker of the Catseye. She harbors a deep secret about her mysterious origins.
Born in Mesopotamia, Tun'Jurn became a thief in his youth and traveled the globe as an adventurer. Later, the Dark God Zevius convinced him of stealing the Catseye and its guardian, in return for virtual immortality. Now a powerful wizard, Tun'Jurn is committed to recovering the Catseye and undoing his mistake.

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